Why Study Notes

Why Study Notes

Jul 31, 2018

If you don’t know what we do yet, we share Study Notes!
But I mean MOST people take study notes here and there right? So why does Note2A+ exist?

Being students ourselves, we found that most of us actually don’t take good study notes. When it came to exam time, or just study time in general. We had to leaf through a fat textbook or coursebook looking for definitions and explanations. Sometimes you would even have some parts of your coursebook that’s not filled in so you spend the next hour looking for a mate that’s filled it in.

THAT is how we came to be. Some of our top students really take good study notes! Why not distribute that to everyone and share learning?
Here are some benefits to using Study Notes:

1. Efficiency– All the information you need for the course is condensed and organized. Literally just what you need and nothing else. So with notes, youdon’t need to leaf through ancient textbooks or spend time looking for a mate with the information. You don’t need to leaf through ancient textbooks or spend time looking for a mate with the information. You have it all right there.

2. Shared insight – What a lot of notes will have is, personal explanations of theories and concepts. We found
this especially handy cos lets face it.. Sometimes lecturers can explain things in a ‘not-so-clear’ way, but when an A+ student writes out their student perspective it’s WAAY easier to understand!

3. Cost – Students don’t have a lot of money and whatever you DO have just disappears.. *TOO MUCH EATING OUT* But anyways, it’s a fact! Student’s don’t have a lot of Moola $. That’s why notes are so great! It’s not only time eicient, but also cost eicient. There are two reasons as to why notes are more cost eicient. FIRST REASON is that the average notes cost is $30, compare that to the average cost of second hand textbooks (if you can find them) is $50. Lets not even go into how much NEW textbooks cost, you’d have to sell a kidney to even highlight one. SECOND reason is that because you save time studying, you actually have more time to work. $30 is around 2 hours of work right? If you think of all the time you save with notes, you actually make back more than 2 hours! Jackpot!! $$