Welcome to O-Week!

Welcome to O-Week!

Aug 27, 2018

Hope you’re excited cos I sure was!

Regardless of whatever reason you started University, you have to admit.. It is exciting right? Huge lecture halls, massive classes, HEAPS of ahem.. admirable peers. I mean, the list goes on!

If you’re a first year, here is some PRACTICAL advice:
1. Attend Lectures – Now, as a first year you’re probably scared of everything so you attend every lecture. Advice? KEEP IT THAT WAY! Although lectures get recorded these days, reality is you will probably not watch them OR you will cram them last second. In all fairness, there are a lot of useless lectures (especially first year papers) but it’s a good opportunity to make friends, know your lecturer and keep updated on the course.

2. DON’T sign up to “as many clubs as you possibly can” – When you ask people, “ok any advice for the first week on uni?” Most people will tell you to sign up to as many clubs as you can. As a result a lot of students do. BUT, how many students actually stay active in those clubs? Hardly any! Now, i’m not discouraging you to join clubs at all. Clubs are like, the only joy of university (You will find out soon enough Young Grasshopper). But I am suggesting, why not put some more thought into the clubs you join? Especially ones you need to pay for. Although they’re mostly $5, that’s a kebab man! Trust me, at times that kebab will make you shed a tear of appreciation one day.

3. Commit to an organisation – Instead of being a part of heaps of different clubs and organisations, I would strongly suggest you stick with 1 or 2. But really commit! If you put a lot of time and effort into organisations, eventually you will move up the ladder and get management positions. That’s boss as! Imagine how good that will look on your CV AND imagine how much you will learn from that. The other benefit of doing this is that, once you really start committing you will ‘belong’ a lot more. You will really get to know a lot more people and start meeting up outside of the organisation too.