Student Foods

Student Foods

Jul 31, 2018

This doesn’t even need an introduction, here’s our team’s top 3 picks for the top under $10 FILLING places.

Here we go:
Mentatz – Japanese Cuisine 10min walk, this is a student staple. Aordable yet so TASTY and FILLING!! Here you can get donburi’s, ramen and much more. What makes this place so special? They have STUDENT friendly prices and STUDENT portions. Top pick is the Miso Katsu Don (MUST HAVE!!) –

2. You Curry – Japanese Curry 15min walk, $5 curry WTF!! Ahh warm like a mothers love, this place is a MUST for any student on a tight budget. A little hidden gem on Queen Street, it’s definitely worth the walk! *Tip* get a few, and just drown yourself in curry the whole day-

3. Sensational Chicken – Fried Chicken/Kebabs 5min walk, FRIED CHICKEN!! What would we NOT do for some good fried chicken between lectures. With $10 you’re GUARANTEED to walk away with enough chicken to satisfy your cravings! What more could you wish for?? *Tip* Make sure you ask for Chicken Salt, like.. a lot!! –