Saving Time

Saving Time

Jul 31, 2018

Let’s talk time! One of the few things you actually can’t buy with $$!

Time is the one resource you need for everything! To do anything, it takes time right? You only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whats crazy? You will never get it back.. So obviously time is valuable right? SO LETS STOP WASTING IT!

How to SAVE time:

1. Organize your life – Is your life all over the place? Do you not know what you’re doing tomorrow? Then you’ll probably waste LOTS of time. That’s because there will be weird gaps in your day where you just don’t know what to do. You might go to a lecture or two, then you wait for a lecture 2 hours later. Nothing to do in the middle, so you might sit at a computer and watch a movie. Or just play on your phone and wait for time to go. But imagine if you just set day schedules ahead of time, where you write down what you will be doing and when. You’ll see where you have gaps in your day, then you can pre-plan that time. As soon as you start doing this, you’ll find that you can get more value from a day than when you just took time day-by-day.

2. NO PROCRASTINATION – “The action of delaying or postponing something.” This is by far the worst way to spend your time. There’s literally nothing to gain from this! But truth is.. everyone does it. How to reduce procrastination? Dedication! You have to be able to focus on one thing and not lose focus until the task is finished. You have to be so dedicated to the task, that you don’t leave it until it’s done. For example, if you’re doing an assignment make checkpoints you have to reach for you to take a rest. You won’t take any rests or do anything else until you reach that checkpoint; that means no Facebook, no calls, no texts and NO FOOD! Do this, and you’re guaranteed to work more productively and save time.

3. HAVE A GOOD BALANCE – Work, study, recreation balance. A student needs to juggle all 3 in their life, and you find at times it gets thrown a little out of wack. A friend of yours might be a study freak and get all the good grades, but they might not work or rest. Then you might be TOO CHILL and have too much rest and not do much of anything else. You want to have a good balance of the 3, not only because it will result in better mental and physical health. But you will find that you will be using time more efficiently. If you have a good balance, you will get less bored of one of the 3 things you must balance. If you balance recreation right, then each time you study or work; your head will be clear and ready to just get on with it. Give it a go!