How to Make Money in University?

How to Make Money in University?

Aug 27, 2018

Do you need money like most university students? Are you at the point where you don’t do laundry in order to save money? Do you prefer getting paid for no extra work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you!
Let’s be real here: When you’re a university student, you’re offen faced with a tough question, “How can I make
money while studying in university?” A lot of these part time jobs pay very little, require a lot of effort, and aren’t helpful or satisfying at all.
“Difference between working with part time job and selling study notes.” Now it’s easier than ever to make passive income as a University student. Help YOURSELF by spending more time treating yourself. Help OTHERS by sharing your knowledge in the form of.. Study Notes!

What is Note2A+?
Note2A+ is a peer-to-peer learning platform that compiles study notes into one major database for students to purchase as they prepare for their exams. Simply think of us as an online retailer for quality assured study notes. Here’s how it works: When you are in a course and you need a little bit of help with the upcoming exam, or you missed the lecture due to illness, you can simply go Note2A+ and check out the study notes written by your A+ students. To be the best, you must learn from the best.

When you find what you’re looking for, you pay a small fee to get the access to the study notes. You’ve got a custom study guide designed specifically for your class, and even in some cases the exact class notes that one of your classmates took when you were absent (or just absent-minded ).

Note2A+ has study notes available for more than 60 courses in University of Auckland and is looking to expand to
AUT and Victoria University.

What materials do we want?
You don’t have to be an A+ student to sell your notes. The notes just have to be well.. pretty damn good! Module by module, a debriefed and condensed study guide is what we want. Literally we are looking for the golden ticket with everything you need on it, so that anyone can take it, study it and get A+ in it.
These are real study notes taken during lectures and uploaded on our database, and real study guides that your classmate(s) put together to prepare for exams. This is NOT a place where you can find copies of exams and tests, get your homework done, or have a paper written on your behalf. We promote study smarter, but also in the right way.
No matter what you’re uploading, your notes need to be legible, made by you (so no copying guides and handouts
written by the professor), and thorough enough to be helpful. One helpful tip is that definitions cannot be copyrighted, especially for those papers that test word for word definitions; feel free to put word for word definitions in the notes!

Who can become a note seller?
Anyone can become a seller.. literally! Note sellers must go through the (free) application process, which requires some of your details and samples of your notes. From there, you can start uploading your notes and making money.
“You can earn money WHILE helping other students.”

You don’t necessarily have to have good handwriting or even the most highly detailed notes. If your notes will help
you study, they just might help someone else study too! — so it’s worth a shot to upload them. Do yourself a favor
and type them up if you want to have a better showing in the marketplace (not to mention a more solid grasp of
the material yourself!).

How much money can you make?
Note sellers can submit up to 3 notes to us per semester; this can be from any course of your choosing. You can make a small amount just for uploading your study notes, but most of what you’re paid will come from how good your notes are.We offer both one-off payment and commission base payment. Despite the one-off payment being a lot safer as you can receive money instantly, commission base can potentially generate much more income for you. Our notes sellers on commission base could earn around $200 per course, with top performers bringing in as much as $800 in a semester.

More than Just Making Money
The neat thing about Note2A+ is that if you take it seriously, you can not only turn it into an easy income stream, but it will help you with your coursework. As you get into the mindset of taking notes for other people to see, you’ll find yourself paying more attention and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Signing up as a Note Seller will not only fatten up your bank account, but it just might pick up your GPA too, Win Win!